Olga Kossovich

Specializes in: Piano


Education: Moscow State Conservatory, University of North Dakota



Olga Kossovich was born in Moscow, Russia. She started her musical training at the preparatory classes of Central Music School at the Moscow State Conservatory at age four. At the same time, she received her first piano and violin lessons.


Olga was accepted to the Central Music School in 2002, and while studying at this school she performed actively in concerts across Russia. During her studies at the music school, she was able to practice both instruments intensively. She accompanied multiple students in Central Music school and Moscow Conservatory. After she got her certificate in piano with the main degree in violin performance in 2013, she graduated from the Central Music School and entered the Moscow State Conservatory. She continued her studying piano as a second instrument and she was actively performing piano in the Moscow Conservatory concert halls. She was performing Prelude by Rachmaninov in the small hall of Moscow Conservatory as her final graduating project.


Olga was actively teaching piano students privately for 4 years during her studying in Moscow Conservatory. After graduating in 2018, she came to United States to complete her English school program and Masters degree at the University of North Dakota. Olga was teaching piano students of all ages both in academies and privately during her studying in North Dakota for 3 years.