Claire Corriveau Headshot

Claire Corriveau

Specializes in: Ukulele, Guitar, Voice, Piano, Songwriting


Education: Bachelor of Music in Music Production and Performance, Columbia College, Chicago IL


Claire Corriveau has been playing music professionally for a decade, both as a solo singer/songwriter and a member of different bands. She began playing piano in early
childhood, and began learning guitar when she was fourteen. Through high school and college, she trained in the Marchesi vocal method for opera, developing her range.
She performed with the Grand Rapids Opera Company in their productions of Carmen and Noah’s Flood.


Claire moved to Chicago in 2008 to pursue a degree at Columbia College in contemporary music and songwriting. While in college, she performed with a wide variety of bands, including rock, pop, punk, ska, folk and latin jazz . This array of influences helped her find her voice as a musician and spark curiosity in other styles of music. Claire started teaching private music lessons after graduating from Columbia College in 2012, and found joy working with young children. In 2017, she began her certification process for Music Together, a family-oriented music class designed to develop tonal and rhythmic capabilities in young children. She loves how teaching expands what music can be, allowing for more freedom and independence for
each child.