Camille McClellan

Specializes in: Voice, Electric Guitar, Bass


Camille McClellan grew up in Lake Forest, IL where she joined an after school choir and began taking piano lessons early on in elementary school. She was naturally drawn to the look and sound of the electric guitar and began taking lessons during the summer before 5th grade. Throughout the remainder of her middle and high school years, she gained musical experience by also playing clarinet and saxophone in symphonic and jazz bands, learning drums and creating her own rock bands.

Camille quickly realized how much fun she had when she wrote original music for her bands to play. In 2016, she graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Songwriting. Eager to work as a professional musician, she immediately moved to the Los Angeles area where she wrote, recorded and co-produced her debut solo EP with a Grammy-winning producer/engineer and adopted the stage name “Blake Red”.

Now Chicago-based, Camille currently performs with her solo band and plays guitar for a metal/punk rock band called “Hope Fiend”.