Specializes in: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Bass


Education: Northeastern University, Guitar Performance



Camilo Rincon is a musician and a music teacher who teaches guitar, bass, piano and ukulele (classical, rock, North American folk, and many other styles.) Additionally, he specializes in performing and teaching Mexican and Latin American music and he plays and teaches: Jarana, Requinto (traditional guitars) Singing and Dance.

Camilo has taught music since 2010 in the bilingual, musical, cultural-immersion program, Son Chiquitos. Additionally, he has taught private lessons for classical guitar, Son Jarocho (guitars and singing) and music theory.


He believes in creating engaging classes that foster strong essential musical skills to develop students’ musical confidence, awareness and ability to truly learn and play the music they enjoy. In his teaching, he implements the concepts of musical community and solidarity among musicians. Camilo has participated in traditional Mexican music, Cuban son, Latin jazz, classical ensembles and toured in the U.S. and Mexico